Multimedia Artist and Creative Coder


One woman’s voyage around the world;

bringing change and inspiration through art, technology and a motorcycle.





The Mission

To travel by motorcycle to the major hubs of the world and install technology-centric art in public spaces in collaboration with indigenous materials and the communities that surround them.

The Goals

-To create technological, artistic spectacles using indigenous materials from each location

-To travel around the world, solo, as a woman, on a motorcycle!

-To build relationships and art with local communities

-To fabricate minimal, transportable artwork

-To document; video, audio, pictorial

The Impact

With this project I hope to be able bring together cultures and communities across the globe though the creation of art and the boldness of adventure.

The Story

I come from a family of builders and adventurers. I may have been born in America but I am a combination of the grit of the Costa Rican slums, the sophistication of England’s Oxford and the wildness of Tribal Pakistan. This path led to art; the unraveling of experience into transient mediums of sound and light.

In 2014, I began to understand that stationary work was not my future. I want to build a lifestyle of mobility in both a physical and artistic sense. After working on an art installation on the West Coast I completed a solo motorcycle trip across America. The experience was as much a challenge as it was enlightening. From then on I pursued the vision of becoming a nomadic artist. I tried to build this lifestyle through many routes, thinking that applying to residencies around the world or proposing projects in various countries and locations would accomplish this goal. But nothing panned out. As disappointing as that may have been, I did realize that the avenues I was pursuing at the time were all reliant on someone else. One of the many lessons of motorcycle travel, is to rely on oneself. I take this seriously and think, why wait? I can create my own residency throughout this world and build art that is both accessible and inspirational for the public.

In 2015, I was brought back to the West Coast, to be part of the team to build the Temple for Burning Man 2015. When presented with this opportunity, I took it as a launching point for my vision of this “international residency”. I started by completing my trip Around America by returning to the west on my motorcycle, taking a northern route this time.

Now, I am in San Francisco, preparing for the next phase of this voyage, experimenting with minimal, transportable art and gearing up for the trip. By November, 2016 I will have left for the Panama Canal from San Francisco. It is expected that the completion of this round the world project will take until 2020, four years.

Why a motorcycle?

This vehicle demands analysis of the necessary. What do you carry, how do you carry it and most importantly, why are you carrying it. Each item challenges what is important to ourselves. We live in a world of excess. Material possessions have a tendency to dictate society. To travel, live and build art on a motorcycle is to shed the unnecessary, to create from the minimal and challenge oneself.

Whats with the name?

I wanted the name of this project to bring together the lifestyle of living on a motorcycle; with the artistic components of this adventure. The name can be broken down into two parts; light traveling and light raveling. The latter may need some explaining.


to untangle or unravel something.

to confuse or complicate (a question or situation).

So its meaning are contradictory to each other.

Art is very much like this word, it both untangles and complicates things. My work is based in transitory mediums, light being one of them.

Thus the name was born.


The website for this project will launch soon at!