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I am here to explore the music that arises from living and to translate those vibrations into compositions of space and time. To create experiences and objects that bring together the physical and the ephemeral in an effort to deepen our awareness and widen the dimensions of perception.

Through the alchemy of mixed metals and glass, combined with the spectrums of sound and light; I create works both large and small which extrapolate the properties of our human experience, explore the polarities found within them and listen to the noise that dances in between. Using space, material and vibration I sculpt work that plays with perspectives of time, geometry and void to capture memory, ignite wonder and empower change. 

We are each an instrument of the finest design. Strung with strings tuned to the precise oscillation of our infinity, you will find no other with the same timbre and tone as yours or mine. My practice is an orchestration of elements intended to further one's ability to transcend the perceptions of reality, both within that with which we are familiar and of the psychedelic.

Setting the stage for each of us to master the greatest instrument of all, ourselves.

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AUGUST 2023 - salem2salem Artist Residency, Salem, Germany

OCTOBER 2023 - Berlin Residency, Berlin Germany

2022 - PLATONIC SOLIDS - Train Station Gallery, Salem, NY
2022 - PRISM -  Vega, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
2021 - 𝚫S - Allentown, PA
2020 - 738 TREAT  - San Francisco, CA
2020 - EL ESPIRITU DE VAHO - San Miguel Dueñas, Guatemala
2019 - CREACIÓN - Antigua, Guatemala
2018 - FIRE ARTS -  Bethlehem, PA, USA
2015 - TEMPLE TREES - Burning Man, Black Rock City, NV
2014 - MICRO - Burning Man, Black Rock City, NV
2014 - T/T - Boston, MA
2014 - SOUND EXPERIMENTS - MIT Media Lab, Boston, MA 
2014 - FIRST LIGHT  - Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA

2022 - Artist-in-Residence, Salem Art Works
2021 - Artist-in-Residence, Vega Honduras

2020 - Artist-in-Residence, Valhalla Macadamia Farm
2019 - Artist-in-Residence, Paragon Project
2011- 2014 - Artist-in-Residence, Diablo Glass School

2014 - Immersion Award for First Light Installation

2013 - MIT Hacking Arts First Prize Winner
2013 - William Randolph Hearst Scholarship
2013 - Associate at Game Developers Conference

2013 - Kris Kono Scholarship
2012 - International Game Developers Scholar

2011- Wendy Carlos Sound Design Award
2011 - Berklee Harmony Achievement Award
2011 - Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society Member

2014 - Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
2011 - Northampton Community College, Bethlehem, PA
A.A.with High Honors in PHILOSOPHY

2014-CURRENT: Adventure Artist @ UNUS MUNDUS PROJECT
2016-CURRENT: Lighting Designer @ VARIOUS CLIENTS, worldwide

2009-CURRENT : Fabricator/Welder/Carpenter @ ARTISANAL STRUCTURES, Bethlehem, PA 
2019-2020: Installation Artist/Fabricator @ Paragon Project, Antigua, Guatemala
2019-2020: Glassblower/Fabricator @ VALHALLA MACADAMIA FARM, San Migual Dueñas, Guatemala 
2017-2018: Metal Fabricator/Blacksmith @ GRANEY METAL DESIGNS + DMD, East Coast
2015 - 2023: Metal Fabricator/CTO @ GIZMO ART PRODUCTIONS, San Francisco, CA
2015: Metal Fabricator @ BURNING MAN, San Francisco, CA
2012 - 2014: Glassblower/Fabricator @ DIABLO GLASS, Boston, MA
2009 - 2014: IT Technician @ BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC and GEEKSQUAD, Boston, MA and Bethlehem, PA


Get in Touch

cell: 484-554-7332

whatsapp: 484-554-6991

  • Facebook
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