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24 Hours

A large scale, site specific sculpture built from 2,880ft of steel rods stretching, bending and curving 180ft through an historic abandoned Perlite factory in Allentown, PA.

It is made up of 24 steel lines, one for each hour of the day.

Time is not linear even if we try to box it in as such. Compression and rarefaction shift the moments of our day depending on the value which we place on each passing measurement. The form the hours take defines the structure of our lives. Without purpose or direction, without points and position, without definition the geometry of our existence cannot take shape.

Each decade, each year, month, week, day, hour, second, moment we have the choice to decide where our lifelines go.

This piece is a representation of these choices and the finite amount of time that we have to make them.

24 is a giant instrument, with the steel of the abandoned perlite factory as its sound box.

Each of the rods in 24 has a sonic tone depending on the length of the steel, the time of the day and the temperature. The rods are welded straight to the building frame and so when you strum the lines the vibrations are carried through the bones of the abandoned structure, resonating through the steel.

If you put your head between the flanges of the I-beams you get a stereo experience of the sound, if you lay on the concrete it vibrates through your body, if you stand in the center of the building you can hear the building sing!

Supporting fabricators: Nolan Madaus, Chuck Collie, Mark Southard, Ni Cai

Audio sourced from vibrations of steel lines using contact microphones on building

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